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Q) How do I maintain my equipment between annual inspections?
A) Ongoing maintenance is key in prolonging the time between your service calls. 
You can download the General Maintenance Guide Here
Q) Are spare parts readily available for my equipment?
A) Yes. It is suggested you have a "spare parts kit" on board at all times - especially if you will not be near a port.  List Of Spare Parts Here
Q) Where can I find the serial number to my equipment?
A) The serial number is usually stamped into the mast and can be viewed when the boom is in the up position.
Q) What if I cannot find my serial number?
A) If you cannot find your serial number or it is no longer legible, you should provide the make of your vessel as well as the vessel hull number for identification purposes.
Q) What type of hydraulic oil do I use for my system?
A) It is recommended you use a filtered AW-68.  You can purchase this from Nautical Southeast.
Q) If I do not have Nautical Structures equipment, can Nautical Southeast still help me?
A) Yes. Nautical Southeast services all cranes, davits, passerelles, gangways, boarding ladders/stairs and swim platforms. In the unlikely event we are unable to service your equipment, we will provide a referral.
Technical Questions
Q) Boom/cable will not go up or down?
Possible problems: 1) Air in the system
 2) Pressure not adequate to shift the counterbalance valve
 3) Directional or Proportional valve may be malfunctioning
4) System is out of oil
5) Electrical signal problem
Q) System will not turn on?
Possible problems: 1) Power supply or contactor may not be operating correctly
2) The hand control may not be sending a signal to your system.
Q) System will not turn off?
Possible problems: 1) Contactor is frozen
2) Hand Control is sending a constant signal to the contactor or HPU
Q) Cylinders making a squeaky noise?
Possible problem: Not using your system regularly can increase the risk of equipment failure. The wiper seal can dry out and cause a squeaky noise. 
Q) Equipment will not rotate?
Possible problems: 1) The internal seals on your rotation mechanism has failed
2) Directional and proportional valves may be malfunctioning
 3) A signal is not being sent to the valve
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